Past Scientific Research Trips:
Oceangraphy, Fisheries, Marine, Hydroacoustic & Buoy Deployment etc..

  • Herring studies : energetic research and predatory fish sampling in Prince William Sound with the Prince William Sound Science Center/Dauphin Island Sealab, Alabama.

  • Population estimates of marine birds and sea otters in Prince William Sound for USFWS. Teamed up with Auklet Charter Services for this project.

  • Oceanographic sampling in the Copper River plume and coastal Gulf of Alaska for USGS in Woods Hole, MA.

    Research aboard the RV Montague John Crusius, USGS Woods Hole, sampling Copper River plume

  • Sampling zooplankton and performing acoustic transects throughout Prince William Sound and on the continental slope between Middleton Island and the Kenai Peninsula for the Prince William Sound Science Center.

  • Collection of juvenile herring in Prince William Sound for NOAA/NMFS at Auke Bay Laboratories in Juneau, AK.

  • Participated in the Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network (AOSN) in Monterey, CA.

    Research aboard the RV Montague Bruce Howe, University of Washington, with Seaglider, at the Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network, Monterey 2006

  • Successfully launched and retrieved robotic vehicles for adaptive sampling of ocean.

  • Worked with the USGS searching for evidence of slides from the 1964 earthquake using multi-beam sonar and collecting core samples in Prince William Sound (Valdez) and Resurrection Bay (Seward).

  • Worked with GeoEngineers towing side scan and multi beam sonar for oil pipeline inspection in Cook Inlet.

  • Worked with Scientific Fishery Systems deploying acoustic instruments for the study of killer whale predation on long line catches of black cod and halibut in Prince William Sound.

  • Worked with A.N.T. field testing underwater gliders throughout Prince William Sound.